Augmented Reality

Making the World a Better Place
Through Digital Content

Discovering the Tools

At UrCommerce, we love tools. We're hands on, boots on the ground workers who love to dive right in and then read the instructions later. With Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the world can become our playground and there are countless tools at our disposal. Buzzwords like Unity, Unreal, Vuforia, and then ARKit, ARCore, and a multitude of "hybrid frameworks" are already filling this space (with many being unveiled every day!) It's incredible!

One day, people will be creating a new version of their kitchen or redesign their front yard's landscape like a kid paints with their fingers...

Until then though, UrCommerce doesn't mind standing in to be your Picasso.

Visualizing your Future

Creating has always been in the DNA of UrCommerce. Going back generations to the days of tool and diming, working on mechanics, and even a little drafting, building something of quality and pride has been at the forefront of our ambitions.

So, when it comes to Augmented Content, we have our work cut out for us. (But, boy do we enjoy the challange!)

Below you'll find a section that we're going to be continuously working on to add visuals of the content that we're building at UrCommerce. It's going to be beautiful. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did creating it.