The Future of Retail

Redefining Commerce

eCommerce who?

What started out as a "special project" in an internship turned into a passion that has defined the ambitions of UrCommerce throughout the years.

Throughout the last decade or so, society and experts alike have continuously strived to wrap our heads around "eCommerce". Who is it for? Why do we need? (Is it just a fad?)

Ok, obviously, we've come to a conclusion on a few of those. But, other more granular questions are still unanswered:

  • How much content is enough?
  • Is anyone even reading this stuff?
  • How do I know if they're getting the right information?
  • Can they tell that this dress is white & gold?

These are the questions that UrCommerce has been working to help manufacturers and retailers alike to figure out. (ok, minus the last one - that still baffles us...)

This page is dedicated to providing you examples and concepts that we've worked on throughout the years in partnership with Shopify and the amazing clients we've had over the years. Some of the sites are not live (as noted) while others are open for business and still pushing the envelope!

One of our core beliefs has always been:

"a product being sold online should provide the same amount of detail as one being sold in a store, short of you being able to hold it in your hand."