Meet the Team

Bringing Tomorrow's Innovations Today

Jordan Bloomingdale, Founder/Designer/Developer

Jordan Bloomingdale, a designer/developer started out as an Architecture student at (formerly Southern Polytechnic State University) Kennesaw State University (KSU) in Marietta, GA, got his BBA from the University of North Georgia in 2013. After graduating, Jordan took a special projects internship with a manufacturer to build out a sales strategy with Amazon, Costco and other retailers.

Over the next few years and a few manufacturers & numerous retailers and contacts later, he's been putting the pieces together to build a system that will help manufacturers and retailers alike to provide an experience to customers unlike anything currently available today.

Daniel Silvers, 3D Artist/Developer

Daniel Silvers, a 3D Artist/Developer started out as a Digital Media student at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in Johnson City, TN, got his Bachelor of Computer Science from ETSU in 2017. After graduating, Daniel went into freelance opportunities as well as some contract and remote opportunities in the game and ecommerce fields.

Over the course of college and a few months after, Daniel learned and taught as much as he could about everything in the 3D modeling world. Doing everything from a camp counselor at a tech camp, ecommerce assets and renders, and generating assets for indies and other upcoming gaming companies. He’s constantly looking to learn, teach, and improve his skills with new tools, pipelines, and opportunities.